Your Steel Structures Expert

We have designed, manufactured and erected thousands of tonnes of good steel structures for
our clients in Europe and North Africa. Refineries, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Public
Infrastructures, Mining, Airports.


Steel Structures Design & Drafting

Using the best codes and standards.

Our certified structural engineers and drafters deliver efficient structural sketches and master plans. We take from our Client’s technical design architecture office the initial design of the project in 2D or 3D and by utilizing software tools like, TEKLA, MICROSTATION, AUTOCAD and other.

Our structural design services encompass the following services:
• Supply chain management, including special transportation & Shipping.
• Connection details calculation & drafting.
• Clash detection and resolution in the 2D/3D model.
• Material take-off once it is loaded in our software.
• Issuance of workshop structural drawings.
• AS-Manufactured / As-Built quality dossier once services are completed and delivered to the clients.
• Project Management with Client’s architects and design offices.

Steel Structures Manufacturing

Best Material Quality, Good Customer Service.

We trust our experienced and certified team of engineers and welders to perform their work in compliance with necessary standards and the specification of our clients. We are specialists in providing you with a large spectrum of options when it comes to roofed steel buildings:
• Industrial Buildings
• Pipe Racks, Bridges.
• Process buildings
• Warehouses
• Workshops, permanent and temporary.
• Staircases and platforms.
• Hangars
• Sport Facilities
• Agricultural Buildings.

Steel Structures Erection

We work Safe, We work Strong.

Our turnkey services eliminate coordination between the fabrication shops and field installation. While most of our project are self manufactured steel structures, STANIUM can and is able to take the structural steel projects from other clients supplied packages and perform its installation on site. Whether it is the fabrication or the installation of structural steel, STANIUM can provide you with the best in safety, quality and responsiveness.

About the Company

STANIUM is a reputed Steel Structure Contractor seeking to develop business in and between Europe, North Africa and other countries
We are committed in providing a large spectrum of choices to our clients in the Power, Oil & Gas, Process Plants, Agricultures, Public Infrastructures, Ports, Airports and the like. We treat our clients with respect and honesty.